This is the sketch comedy group that would not only change my life and become my family, but gave me a place where I never felt alone in the comedic world.  FUCT is a twisted, no-rules comedy troupe that challenges what audiences find taboo or offensive.  Our mission statement is simple: “We do what we think is funny.” Our culture has become too politically correct, so we approach dangerous subjects with a sense of humor and serious theatrical intent.  We are in many ways, a circus of comedy, suffering, and social commentary, incorporating music and dance, nudity and pain, misdirection and audience participation. A show that always asks. . . are you ready to get FUCT?

“I loved it. . . Extremely clever sketch comedy with painful slapstick - as if the three stooges ACTUALLY used pick axes!” - George Wendt (Norm/Cheers).

“The Funny stuff is really good and even the junk is funny.  There’s a great deal of male frontal hudity in the show.  The previous remarks apply.”  -Edward Albee (Pulitzer and Tony Award winning Playwright.)


Upcoming Show! December 10 at Cherry Lane

Other Shows:

We love NYC, but we have also toured with FUCT to Toronto Sketch Fest and Chicago Sketch Festival

And here at home we have performed an ongoing series of shows at The Tank, are the "artistic outlaws" of Cherry Lane Theater where we helped lead a comedy master class, and of course we frequent The Peoples Improv Theater...

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