The Upside is a story that came from the experiences of Mike LaBruna, a great friend and writer/creator of The Upside series.  We met a few years back serving pizza together and over the last year and a half after work we would crawl back to my living room and between the hours of 12-3am edit the piece time and time again.  The Upside started as a way to make HIV more relatable and understanding in a world where there is still a stigma of "dirtiness" but it quickly became something so much more; an outrageous and devilish story about making terrible life decisions and being okay with that, before moving forward and learning. The goal of the writing is shameless honesty.  After raising our goal of $5,500 on kickstarter we will now film the pilot, work briskly on post, cross our fingers, and pitch to any network that will/will not listen. 

Teaser Trailer


We successfully raised even more than our asking budget! Check out our pitch video below and the rest of the kickstarter campaign to learn more about the series. 


Myself and Mike talked about The Upside on Let's Chat Comedy with KL Thomas