I started performing solo about a year ago to share my most unflattering moments, lessons, mistakes, and choices because women ARE funny.  In all honesty I just want to make you feel good for a while.  Within this hour I make you seem like an angel (at worst an equal) as I exploit some of my most unflattering moments and the lessons I’ve learned from my choices in life through a series of comedic excerpts and childhood photos.  The series of stories absorb "The Awkward Stages of Life": Masturbation, Cat Attacks, Substance Abuse, Family Vacations....and so much more.

“Choices. We all make choices. But I'm fine, it's fine.

 ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

 My guidance counselor in high school sternly stated when I was 17.


 'To survive?'”

Alyson Goodman in "It's Fine" at The Pit

Alyson Goodman in "It's Fine" at The Pit

Upcoming shows

Valentines Day!
10:30 pm, February 14th
at The P.I.T. - Striker Stage
Tickets are only $7!

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Production History

It's Fine is constantly evolving. But here's where it's been:

    The Pit is dedicated to the instruction, performance, and development of original comedy.
    It's Fine
     has been performed at The Striker Main Stage, The Underground Theater and has found an unofficial home there after 5 performances. It was also previously performed at The Loft space as its previous incarnation Oh God, What Have I Done.
  • Chicago Women's Funny Festival
    The Chicago Women's Funny Festival gathers writers, performers, and comedy lovers together to create and celebrate in the comedy capital of the world. 
    Alyson travelled to Chicago to bring her one woman show after being selected to perform in this kick-ass festival. 
Poster for the Chicago Festival, photo by Emily Bolles

Poster for the Chicago Festival, photo by Emily Bolles

It's Fine was developed from the two-woman show Teething Emotionalities which toured and played all over the place. So check that out too!