SHOTZ! is a theatrical pressure cooker that every month gives six groups two weeks to write, two weeks to rehearse, two hours to tech, and two chances to perform all-new short plays every first Monday of the month at the Kraine Theater in the East Village thanks to Amios Theater Company. Unified by three common criteria, each collection of plays captures a variety of perspectives around each month’s theme.  It represents the best of theater nightlife—bite-sized theater at its finest!  The Company is comprised of dozens of actors, playwrights, directors, devisers, and movement artists-artistic comrades who dare themselves to tackle a multitude of disciplines.  I just recently joined in with this company as both performer and Marketing Director.  I am extremely excited to see what this year brings to me professionally both on and off the stage.


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Each play must meet the following condiciones:

1) Someone must be lost.
2) A language other than English must be spoken at least once.
3) The line, "You have too much baggage" must be used.

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Each play must meet the following conditions:

1) Each play must include the line “Do I have to choose?”
2) A character’s life must be judged
3) Someone must play a mean game


Each play must meet the following conditions:

1) Each play must be a period piece.
2) Two accounts must not match up.
3) The line: “The rest, as they say, is _______.”

And sometimes I perform in the SHOTZ: