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Over the last 12 years I have worked artistically in Philadelphia, Boston, Texas, Chicago, Italy, Canada, and New York.  My range as a performer is about as broad as it gets, from drama to slapstick, actor to producer, writer to director.  I have never belonged in a box and collaborating on any level is how I choose to work.

I could blab on about where I've been, what I've envisioned for myself, and what I've actually accomplished. Rather, who cares?  I choose to use my fearlessness onstage in the hopes of making others feel good, remind them they are not alone, and always remember: Life is what you make it.  You're fine, you are not alone, you’re going to be just fine.


What's Next?

It's Fine will have a special Valentines day show!
I'll be involved in the next SHOTZ on Feb 8th - ticket info here
and FUCT is usually up to something!
and am super excited that the incredible web series The Upside just
wrapped filming our pilot and of course stay tuned if you want to catch
my one woman show: It's Fine or just scroll down, go ahead and do it
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Solo Shows

Well it started as "Oh God What Have I Done" - a one woman monologue show.

And then I teamed up with the incredible Tabitha Vidaurri to create an incredibly personal show: a two-woman, one-woman show we called Teething Emotionalities: WOOF which we performed at The Philly Fringe and were honored to make our NYC debut at Cherry Lane Theater.

Since then I have been performing and playing with the intimate solo show It's Fine. I've brought this show to Chicago and regularly perform it here in New York.

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First of all meet my NYC sketch home: FUCT 

"A sketch troupe that paints in shades of taboo, absurdism, and self-torture. Last year's most talked-about act, gonzo sketch warriors/torture enthusiasts, FUCT" 

Of course there is also DUI -A brand new improv troup ready to set people, places, and things on fire.  

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Web Series


I got my first taste of editing and playing on film with the kick-ass girl sketch group Made To Be Late (These friends think they have it together but couldn't be more off.)... but now it's a whole new level.

The Upside is an incredible series I am working on with Mike LaBruna - once again in front of and behind the camera. An outrageous and devilish story about making terrible life decisions and being okay with that before moving forward and learning. The goal of the writing is shameless honesty. 

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It all started with Home Opener: My first collaborative experience using Commedia Dell'arte to create a show to bring to Arezzo, Italy.

Then Bailout introduced me to the Off-Color Theater Company (and some of the most fun I've ever had).

And together we created Out Of Tooners!

"Off-Color Theatre Company, a group of veterans from Second City, a famed comedy theater in Chicago. They arrived from Chicago to spend the week previewing their show "Out of Tooners," a satirical sketch comedy, before it travels to Italy for the CrisisARTS festival."
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I started my producing career with Pizza Man: An ageless tale where two neurotic roomates (one addicted to alcohol and one addicted to food) decide to kidnap a pizza man and teach him a lesson.

And that team led me to HappYouth - an off-off-Broadway premiere.

Currently I am collaborating with Amios Theater Company to bring you SHOTZ: a theatrical pressure cooker that every month gives six groups two weeks to write, two weeks to rehearse, and two chances to perform all-new short plays.